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CU Amiga (Dec 1990) front cover
CU Amiga Ultimate Games Guide
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Name Publisher Rating Type Reviewer Pages HOL
Action Replay Mk III   Amiga Datel 167
Audiomaster 3   Amiga Trilogic 167
Citizen 124D Dot Matrix Printer   Amiga Citizen 169
Demons Slideshow 3   Amiga
17-Bit PD, disk 761
Public domain 140-141
The Digital Musician   Amiga Thalamus 165
Fillet the Fish   Amiga Public domain 143
Fun School 3 (for the 5-7 year olds)   Amiga Database 170 View Hall of Light entry
Fun School 3 (for the over 7s)   Amiga Database 170 View Hall of Light entry
Fun School 3 (for the under 5s)   Amiga Database 170 View Hall of Light entry
GS-4500 scanner   Amiga Datel 167
K-Spread 3   Amiga Kuma 165
K-Spread 4   Amiga Kuma 165
Neverwhere   Amiga Public domain 141
Okimate 20   Amiga Oki 169
The Phaser   Amiga John Dudley 167
Quickshot 2 Plus   Amiga Spectravideo 170 View Hall of Light entry
Soundblaster   Amiga Siren Software 165
The Sound of Silents   Amiga
17-Bit disk 755
Public domain 140
Star LC-10 (colour)   Amiga Star Micronics Ltd. 169
Stealthy Manoeuvres   Amiga
Demo of the month
Public domain 141
This and That (Hack Attack)   Amiga
17-Bit, disk 749
Public domain 143
Up & Running   Amiga
17-Bit disk 760
Public domain 143
Whatever Next Utils   Amiga
17-Bit disk 754
Public domain 143

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