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CU Amiga Magazine (Jan 1995) front cover
CU Amiga Magazine
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Pages 164 Price £3.95
Contents Pages 6-7
Game Reviews 15 Average 87 %
Re-release Game Reviews 6 Average 62 %
All Reviews 21 Average 79 %
Cover Story Worth £100! Two full programs plus free 132 page ComicSetter manual!
Rise of the Robots: All versions reviewed!
ComicSetter: Create art for fun and profit!
We show you how to use this month's coverdisk to create comics, posters, cards and more...
Plus: Jungle Strike!
Game reviews: Sensible World of Soccer, Tower Assault, Cannon Fodder 2, Road Kill CD32, Beneath a Steel Sky CD32 and more
Plus: Universal clip art on both disks!
Spine Text Comic Setter: Art for fun and profit
Editor Alan Dykes
Note The award policy changed this issue, with a note on page 33: We've changed our award policy this issue, mainly because we thought too many people were getting off lightly receiving an award for something that scores 85%! The new Super Star award, as rendered by the lovely Helen Danby, will go to games and productivity software and widgets that receive 90% or more in our exhausting test process. That should sort 'em out.

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