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Rampage 2 (Aug 1990) front cover
Stampede Amiga
Previous issue Issue 2      August 1990      2 coverdisks Next issue
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Pages 14 Price £3.99
Cover Story Star Wars published by Domark
This month's free game: Star Wars on disk two
Two disks packed with news, reviews, PD, demos and lots more!
MIDI music on your Amiga
AMOS mega review
2 disks! With free game every month!
Admin Note Inside cover full page advert for 'Vidi Amiga Frame Grabber'
Page 3 is Page 1: Stampede Issue 1 July 1990: Full page of credits. Disk format again by Rob Northen.

[ Same again the front cover and back page are not numbered ]

On the disk:
Free Game: Star Wars.
Demos: Wipe Out from Gonzo Games.
Reviews: Kick Off 2, Ghosts and Goblins, Ninja Spirit, Hot Rod.
AMOS the Creator and many more!
Tutorials: PD section, Terminal One
On disk one after loading press mouse button to load main menu ( not space
bar )
Page 2 Star Wars game instructions
Page 3: Advert for Amiga 500 £399 from Silica Shop
Page 4: Midi Music on the Amiga.. Article by Ian Waugh
Page 5: Advert
Page 6: [ continued ] Midi Music on the Amiga.. Article by Ian Waugh
Page 7: Advert
Page 8: Advert
Page 9: Subscription Page for 12 or 24 months Stampede £40 or £75
Page 10: Advert
Back cover inside and outer: Adverts.

The whole thing published by Domark... and a bit of a rip off if you ask me.

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