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Rampage 1 (Jul 1990) front cover
Stampede Amiga
Issue 1      July 1990      2 coverdisks Next issue
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Pages 16 Price £3.99
Contents Pages 1
Cover Story Free game: Dark Side from MicroProse on disk two this month!
Get Anco's Kick Off 2 free. See inside for details
On two action packed disks: All the news, all the reviews, and the best demos!
Note Note from Scuzz: Inside cover full page advert for 'World Cup Soccer' Page 3 is Page 1: Stampede Issue 1 July 1990: Full page of credits. Interesting that the Disk Format was by Rob Northen who I have come across before. [ for some reason the front cover and back page are not numbered ] On the disk: Reviews: Projectile, Dan Dare III, Castle Master and many more. Demos: Castle Master and Turrican. PD Selection: Virus X at least. Page 2,3,4 Guide to Dark Side Page 5: Adverts Page 6: Adverts Page 7: Adverts Page 8: Adverts Page 9: Subscription Page for 12 or 24 months Stampede £40 or £75 Page 10: Mega Competition for a personal CD Player Page 11: Adverts Page 12: Results table for Italia 90 Back cover inside and outer: Adverts.

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