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CU Amiga (Sep 1992) front cover
CU Amiga
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Pages 180 Price £3.95
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 14 Average 68 %
Re-release Game Reviews 4 Average 65 %
All Reviews 18 Average 68 %
Cover Story Save pounds with our DIY special
Turbo charge your Amiga on the cheap
Alien 3: First look!
Kick Off 3: Free poster & '92/3 fixtures inside!
Worth £80! Gold Disk's MovieSetter (requires 2 blank disks)
Transform your Amiga into a super machine - turn to our DIY special on page 26
Kind Words 3.0
A570 reviewed and rated
Graphics DIY
Personal Finance Manager Plus
Shadow of the Beast 3
Sword of Honour
Hard Drive buyer's guide
Indy 4
Spine Text Weld done
Editor Dan Slingsby
Note Comes with a free scratchcard to win a CD drive (A570), a free game or a £5 discount on Kick Off 3. The ELSPA didn't take too kindly to CU Amiga giving away Shaun Southern's conversion of the classic 8-bit blaster POD, and promptly banned them from featuring any more such conversions.

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