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Commodore User (Oct 1986) front cover
Commodore User (Jun 1986-Jan 1989)
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Name Publisher Rating Type Reviewer Pages HOL
Alleykat   C64 Hewson 5/10 Eugene Lacey 17
Arcana   C64 New Generation/Virgin 8/10 Bill Scolding 35
Clean Up Time   C64 Players 6/10 Laurie Sampson 44
Collapse   C64 Firebird 2/10 Colm Clarke 38-39
Dan Dare   C64 Virgin 7/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Keith Campbell 18-19
Electrix   C64 Players 3/10 Bill Scolding 42-43
Galax-I-Birds   C64 Firebird 2/10 Chris Cain 43
Hole in One   C64 M.A.D. 3/10 Bohdan Buciak 44
Jeep Command   C64 Bug-Byte 7/10 Ferdy Hamilton 42-43
Jewels of Darkness   C64,Amiga
Colossal Adventure, Adventure Quest, Dungeon Adventure
Rainbird/Level 9 4/5 Compilation Keith Campbell 69 View Hall of Light entry
Leapin' Louie   C16/Plus 4 Audiogenic 6/10 Fikret Ciftci 61
Leather Goddesses of Phobos   C64,Amiga Infocom/Activision 5/5 Keith Campbell 64-65 View Hall of Light entry
The Legend of Sinbad   C64 Superior Software 5/10 Bohdan Buciak 52
Mind Pursuit   C64 US Gold 8/10 Eugene Lacey 22-23
Mission Elevator   C64 Micropool Software 9/10 Ferdy Hamilton 33 View Hall of Light entry
Monty on the Run   C16/Plus 4 Gremlin Graphics 8/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Ken McMahon 58-59
N.O.M.A.D.   C64 Ocean 7/10 Chris Cain 50
Parallax   C64 Ocean 7/10 Mike Pattenden 41-42
Powerplay   C64 Arcana 7/10 Eugene Lacey 23 View Hall of Light entry
Room Ten   C64 CRL 3/10 Ferdy Hamilton 47
Speed King   C16/Plus 4 Mastertronic 4/10 Ken McMahon 56
Spikey Harold   C64 Firebird 4/10 Colm Clarke 38-39
Super Cycle   C64 Epyx/US Gold 7/10 Mike Pattenden 37
Time of the End   C64 Mandarin Adventures 1/5 Dan Gilbert 68
Tomb of Tarrabash   C16/Plus 4 Audiogenic 5/10 Fikret Ciftci 60-61
Trivial Pursuit: A New Beginning   C64 Domark 7/10 Eugene Lacey 22 View Hall of Light entry
Trizons   C16/Plus 4 Bubble Bus 3/10 Fikret Ciftci 60-61
Velocipede 2   C64 Players 3/10 Bill Scolding 39
W.A.R. (Martech)   C64 Martech 6/10 Seamus St. John 21
Yie Ar Kung Fu   C16/Plus 4 Imagine 4/10 Ken McMahon 55

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