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Commodore User (Feb 1987) front cover
Commodore User (Jun 1986-Jan 1989)
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Name Publisher Rating Type Reviewer Pages HOL
Agent Orange   C64 Argus 5/10 Tony Hetherington 30-31
Bounder / Planet Search   C16/Plus 4 Gremlin Graphics 8/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Compilation Mike Pattenden 73
Breakthru   C64 US Gold 3/10 Ferdy Hamilton 61
Buggy Boy   Arcade Tatsumi 6/10 Mike Pattenden 91 View Hall of Light entry
Championship Wrestling   C64 US Gold/Epyx 9/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Ferdy Hamilton 42-43
Dandy   C64 Electric Dreams 5/10 Ferdy Hamilton 18-19
The Double   C64 Scanatron 4/10 Mike Pattenden 48
Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle   C64 Software Projects 8/10 Kirk Rutter 67 View Hall of Light entry
Erebus   C64 Virgin 7/10 Laurie Sampson 59
Fighting Warrior   C16/Plus 4 Melbourne House 1/10 Eugene Lacey 79
Firelord   C64 Hewson 8/10 Bill Scolding 25
Footballer of the Year   C64 Gremlin Graphics 6/10 Mike Pattenden 45
Heartland   C64 Odin 8/10 Tony Hetherington 40
Howard the Duck   C64 Activision 5/10 Ken McMahon 21
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom   Arcade Atari 6/10 Mike Pattenden 90-91 View Hall of Light entry
Jet Set Willy 2   C16/Plus 4 Tynesoft 8/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Ken McMahon 74-75 View Hall of Light entry
Kayleth   C64 US Gold/Adventure Soft 4/5 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Keith Campbell 82-83
Knucklebusters   C64 Melbourne House 6/10 Tony Hetherington 29
Leviathan   C64 English Software 7/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Eugene Lacey 17 View Hall of Light entry
Moonmist   C64,Amiga Activision/Infocom 4/5 Keith Campbell 88 View Hall of Light entry
Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona   C64 Mind Games/Argus 4/10 Mike Pattenden 47
Pin Point   C16/Plus 4 Anco 7/10 Eugene Lacey 78-79
Road Runner   Arcade Atari 9/10 Mike Pattenden 90
Silicon Dreams   C64
Snowball, Return to Eden, Worm in Paradise
Rainbird/Level 9 3/5 Compilation Keith Campbell 83 View Hall of Light entry
Skate Rock   C64 Bubble Bus 6/10 Ferdy Hamilton 54
Sky Runner   C64 Cascade 4/10 Tony Hetherington 23
Space 2   C16/Plus 4 Midas 8/10 Ken McMahon 78-79
Space Harrier   C64 Elite 8/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) Eugene Lacey 26-27 View Hall of Light entry
Star Soldier   C64 Quicksilva 4/10 Chris Cain 65
Storm   C64 Mastertronic 6/10 Mike Pattenden 30
Super Sunday   C64
Nexus 7/10 Tony Hetherington 32
S.W.A.T.   C64 Mastertronic 7/10 Ferdy Hamilton 30-31
Tomahawk   C64 Digital Integration 8/10 CU Screen Star (85-92%) John Hutchinson 56-57
Tracker   C64 Rainbird 4/10 Tony Hetherington 53 View Hall of Light entry
Transformers   C64 Activision 5/10 Ferdy Hamilton 63
Way of the Exploding Fist   C16/Plus 4 Melbourne House 5/10 Ken McMahon 69
Winter Wonderland   C64 Incentive 4/5 Compilation Keith Campbell 86
X-29 Fighter Mission   C64 Midas 3/10 Bill Scolding 50

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