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Amiga Format 21 (Apr 1991) front cover
Amiga Format (Aug 1989 - Feb 1992)
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Coverdisk Contents

Coverdisk 21 Type Pages HOL
Graphics in Games Demo
Ever wondered how the graphics get into games? As part of our Graphics special issue, this very simple demonstration written by Paul Overaa shows how. Get the full story of the code behind it on P117.
Picture 17
Gold Disk of California have spent many years perfecting this multimedia authoring system. Even if you've never wanted to design a storyboard or create an interactive encyclopaedia, this cut-down version will give you a taste of the multimedia concept.
Application (Demo) 16
Moonshine Racers
A playable demo of a superb racing game coming soon from Millennium. Guide your station-wagon around the many obstacles and other cars - and don't knock down the police warning signs or Fat Sam the Sheriff will be on your tail in nothing flat!
Game (Demo) 15 View Hall of Light entry
TV Anim
Using Deluxe Paint 3 to create fancy animation effects has got to be dead difficult, eh? Wrong! Maff Evans tells you how easy it is on P120, and both the screen parts with all the components and the full TV anim are included on the coverdisk.
Animation 17

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