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Zzap 26 (Jun 1987) front cover
Zzap 64
Previous issue Issue 26      June 1987      1 Megatape Next issue
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Coverdisk Contents

Sampler Type Pages Platform HOL
Gribbly's Special Day Out
Two levels from Andrew Braybrook's slightly enhanced version of Gribbly's Day Out
Game (Demo) 50 C64
Made in France 2
Jeff Minter's 1 or 2 player variation on the bat and ball theme intended to be the pause mode in Revenge 2
Game (Full) 50 C64
Alter lead voice, bass line, drums and overall effect
Music 51 C64
Revenge of the Mutant Camels 2 Game (Demo) 51 C64 View Hall of Light entry
Audio remix of the Sanxion loading tune. Approximately 5:42 in length on side B of the cassette
Music 52 C64
The Day the Universe Died
Three dimensional graphics demonstration of an unnamed game by Sensible Software
Game (Demo) 50 C64
The Last Ninja
A view from inside the palace with music by Anthony Lees
Game (Demo) 51-52 C64

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