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ACE 49 (Oct 1991) front cover
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Pages 124 Price £1.80
Contents Pages 4-5
Game Reviews 17 Average 74 %
All Reviews 17 Average 74 %
Cover Story F-117a: Purge the skies with MicroProse
Alien Apocalypse! Wing Commander 2
You're going to die! Top gaming gross-outs - in colour!
Mafia Wars! 4-page Amiga Godfather special
Crash and burn! Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix
Fist Fight: Electronic Arts' Ice Hockey packs a punch
Magic Pockets: Have the Bitmaps gone soft?
All the hot games reviewed & previewed: Godfather, Grand Prix, Mega Lo Mania, F117A, Magic Pockets, Golf, Robin Hood, Hudson Hawk, Ice Hockey, Wing Commander 2, Simpsons, After Burner 2... and many, many more
Spine Text Death before dishonour
Editor Jim Douglas

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