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Amiga Shopper 55 (Nov 1995) front cover
Amiga Shopper (Mar 1995-)
Previous issue Issue 55      November 1995      3 coverdisks Next issue
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Coverdisk Contents

Shopper Disk 1 Type Pages
HiSoft BASIC Application (Full) 6-7
Introducing Workbench
Full licenceware title from F1 Licenceware
Miscellaneous 11
Shopper Disk 2 Type Pages
Allows acces to Mac CD-ROMs and floppies
Utility 12
Artic Manager v1.7
Disk expander utility
Utility 11-12
Boot CDs from Workbench
Utility 12
DCC Intuition Interface II v1.20
Intuition interface for the DICE C compiler
Utility 12
3D object editor
Application 10-11
GUI_DOSError v1.00
Explanation of WB error codes
Miscellaneous 10
HD Patch
Gets rid of the popup that appears when inserting a HD floppy disk
Utility 12
Heddley v1.1
Converts AmigaGUIDE files to other fomats
Miscellaneous 10
Set of icons
Miscellaneous 11
Lightwave objects
Four Lightwave objects including a plane and a landmass
Miscellaneous 11
Swap Mode
Monitor utility allows switching between 50Hz and 60Hz
Utility 12
Texture Studio
Texture creation package for Imagine users
Application 11
TIFF datatype Utility 11
WBStartup+ Utility 10

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