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Amiga Shopper 54 (Oct 1995) front cover
Amiga Shopper (Mar 1995-)
Previous issue Issue 54      October 1995      2 coverdisks Next issue
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Coverdisk Contents

Shopper Disk 1 Type Pages
AmiSOX v3.3
Sound sample converter
Utility (Sound) 10-11
ProText 4.3 Utilities Disk
Requires the Protext disk from Amiga Shopper 53 (September 1995)
Application (Full) 6-8
Shopper Disk 2 Type Pages
Yosemite Sam object and scene, 8 utilites for Imagine 3.x as ARexx scripts and binary files
Miscellaneous 11
Changes directory, runs a command and then returns to the original path
Utility 12
Creative Zone
Music module and samples, plus a collection of fonts and a demo
Music 12
Easy Calc v2
Powerful spreadsheet
Utility 10-11
CLI command to allow wildcards in 'if exists' statements
Utility 12
Library Manager v1.3
Maintains a list of libraries, checks for newer versions, prevents older libraries replacing newer ones
Utility 10
MRBackup v2.21
Allows you to backup to floppy disks or to any sequential file or device including tape streamers
Utility 11-12
Virtual filesystem that allows you to retrieve information about processes, screens and ports
Utility 12
Programming Zone
BASIC interpreter, DICE listings, and listings from the final Assembler tutorial from last month
Source 12
WinPlay v1.0
Allows you to play back multiple animations at the same time
Utility (Gfx) 10
Pack disks using the most efficient archiver available
Utility 12
Commodity to adjust the way screens work, how the mouse works and hot keys
Utility 10

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