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Amiga Shopper 54 (Oct 1995) front cover
Amiga Shopper (Mar 1995-)
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Pages 100 Price £3.99
Contents Pages 4-5
Cover Story Sound blaster! Everything you need to make your music rock
Brave new world: Could World Construction Set surpass VistaPro?
Protext utilities: Full details of disks on back cover. Over 4Mb!
Amigas make it possible: Just why is the Amiga the greatest multimedia computer in the known Universe? Amiga Shopper uncovers the hidden truth...
Plus! The latest from Amiga Technologies

Shopper Reviews:
Zip 100: A revolutionary storage method - all serious users must read the review
Real 3D v3: Could it be better than LightWave?
Panasonic Dual: New technology brings a CD drive together with the ability to write 650Mb
SquirrelQuad CD-ROM drive: Four times faster, but do you feel the need for speed?
AIWA SC-C55 speakers: Well-designed multimedia speakers to bring your Amiga's sound to life
Apollo board: Speed up your A1200 for only £99
Plus! Brand new CD-ROMs

Shopper Tutorials:
DTP: A brand new tutorial starts by explaining why the Amiga is the best computer for desktop publishing
Photogenics: Paul Nolan takes us through image creation in the last of our seven Photogenics tutorials
DICE: The final part of DICE deals with Function Pointers. (The listings are on ShopperChoice)
Comms: Create your own World Wide Web pages with our introduction to using HTML documents
Spine Text Sound blaster!
Editor Sue Grant

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