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Amiga Shopper 48 (Apr 1995) front cover
Amiga Shopper (Mar 1995-)
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Pages 116 Price £3.95
Contents Pages 4-5
Cover Story Red-hot graphics: Produce your own professional quality graphics. We tell you how...
Super Test: Modem mania. We help you choose your ideal modem.
Shopper Disks: Packed with complete programs, utilities and more!
Photogenics tutorial: Get the best out of Almathera's brilliant, new image processing package. Hints, tips, tricks!
PD: Unleash your Amiga's graphics power

Shopper Reviews:
Make the most of your A1200's expansion capabilities with the new Squirrel SCSI2 interface from HiSoft
The latest CD-ROM releases reviewed and rated
Add the professional touch to your rendered images with the Pro Textures Combo from Premier Vision
Plus, Motion Master Volume 2, Pegger 2, InfoNEXUS and Easy Ledgers 2

Shopper Tutorials:
Assembler: Upgrade your lottery program by adding a random number generator to it
Comms: Get into the internet for free! We tell you all about Fidonet and how it works
C: Add the finishing touches to your Finder program with the latest in our series of C programming tutorials
Music: Make beautiful music with your Amiga. We take a fresh look at the music capabilities of your machine
Spine Text Red hot graphics
Editor Sue Grant

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