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Amiga Shopper 36 (Apr 1994) front cover
Amiga Shopper (Apr 1991-Apr 1995)
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Coverdisk Contents

Shareware collection vol 10 Type Pages
Speed up your startup-sequence
Utility 10
Big Anim
Play animations from hard disk
Utility (Gfx) 9
BrushCon v1.20
Convert IFF bruch files into C source code
Utility 10
C Address book + ASPaint
Full source code for our C and AMOS programming tutorials
Source 10
Cover Ship
Spaceship in Imagine object form
Miscellaneous 8-9
AMOS extension with ARexx support
Utility (Programming) 9
MIDI Player
MIDI file player with source colde
Utility (Sound) 9
Pay Advice Analyser IV
Check your finances with the latest version of this popular program
Application (PD Full) 10
Working demo of teh Oberon to C translator from RTA
Application (Demo) 8

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