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Amiga Shopper 22 (Feb 1993) front cover
Amiga Shopper (Apr 1991-Apr 1995)
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Pages 156 Price £1.50
Contents Pages 5
Cover Story Which printer? Make the right choice with our round-up of 20 dot matrix, inkjet and laser printers.
Grab those images: The Colourpic Plus and Vidi-Amiga 12 digitisers are reviewed and rated.
Language of the pro: learn how to program the professional way - it's easier than you think.
Annihilate angst: fourteen pages devoted to solving all your Amiga problems.
Software for free: a look at the very latest low-cost and no-cost Amiga software.
Plus the complete beginners' guide to the Amiga. If you've just bought a new Amiga, then you need to read this. Make a start on page 24!
Spine Text ...hello John, getting a new printer?
Editor Cliff Ramshaw

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