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OZ Amiga
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Index of coverdisks for OZ Amiga
Special thanks to Zetr0 for his generous offer of hosting the coverdisks on his website!
Issue Disk Name Contents Pictures
OZ Amiga Vol 1 No 1 (Jun - Jul 1992)
OZ Amiga Vol 1 No 2 (Aug 1992) Coverdisk 2
OZ Amiga Vol 1 No 3 (Sep 1992) Coverdisk 3
OZ Amiga Vol 1 No 4 (Dec 1992) Coverdisk 4 A68k Assembler
Classic Solitaire
AMOS tutorial source code
OZ Amiga Vol 1 No 5 (Feb - Mar 1993) Coverdisk 5 Virus Checker
Snoop Dos
Amiga 68000 Assembler Opcode Instructor
BootBlock Slide Show
Assembly tutorial source files
OZ Amiga Vol 1 No 6 (Apr - May 1993) Coverdisk 6 Diskmate
BootBlock Slide Show Maker
Virus Checker
Extreme Violence
C Tutorial
... and more!
OZ Amiga Vol 1 No 7 (Jun - Jul 1993) Coverdisk 7 LHA
Virus Checker
Jargon dictionary
OZ Amiga Vol 1 No 8 (Aug - Sep 1993) Coverdisk 8

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